Hilarious Construction Fails (16 pics)

Tropical House In Singapore

Architectural Wooden Wonders

Jet Hotels And Houses
Awesome Treehouses

We all have seen movies where kids play and have sleepovers in their treehouses! As everyone else, I also dreamed of having a treehouse, place where you could escape from everything, your little private nest for you and your friends! Of course, like many things, this dream never came true but maybe someday I build one. Houses in this collection are way bigger than those I imagined, but bigger the house - greater the fun! :)  When you see these pictures you will understand why it is so cool to have a treehouse, and if you also want one maybe consider some of these ideas! Please enjoy in these pictures! :)

Fixing stuff - FAILS

Today we bring you some of the most funniest and unique attempts to fix stuff. These people should be admired because of their talent of finding alternative ways to make things work ''as good as new''. Some of the solutions are quite clever but they aren't less funny or awkward because of that. Check these pics and see for yourself!

Weird buildings

We all see buildings all around us and don't quite give much attention to it, but there are some rare occasions when they make us laugh. People or often underestimated when it's about their ways of finding stupid and unexpleainable solutions to simple problems. Sometimes they will really take an effort and make or build something that even they can't explain. Check this pictures out and you will quickly see what we mean! And please, enjoy! :)

Beautiful white temple

Wat Rong Khun  is a unconventional buddhist and Hindu temple in  Thailand. Construction began in 1997. It is different from any other temple in Thailand because it is designed in white color and with some use of white glass. White color stands for Buddha's purity;  white glass stands for Buddha's wisdom that ''shines brightly''. Novadays, temple is still being constructed.  Take a look at some pictures of this amazing building and enjoy!

World's 20 Craziest Buildings

Construction has progressed rapidly! Today people want to be different! Here are the top 20 most unusual and most crazy  buildings in the world.

Flying Balloon House

Do you remember a movie Up where two characters fly in a house? Well, now it's real thanks to National Geografic team. By rigging a 16-foot by 16-foot, 18-foot tall house with 300 8-foot colored weather balloons, they managed to successfully break the record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. Flying House experiment was part of National Geographic Channel new series called How Hard Can it Be?



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